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This study group provides the Hyperbaric Technologist with a professional and organized approach for preparing for the exam.  I will provide the direction, guidance and supplemental information to give you the best opportunity in successfully passing the CHT or CHRN exam.

Studying in a group can be invaluable in preparing for the exam. Those who study in a group typically perform slightly better on Certification Examination than those who were not in a study group. Individuals share their strengths as well as identify their weaknesses; difficult concepts often become clear as each member offers questions and discussion; and the psychological support that members receive from each other during exam preparation helps test performance. 


This is my preferred study guide!

CHT and CHRN Certification Exam Practice Book - 2nd Edition

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National Board of Diving &

Hyperbaric Medical Technology

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Previous Recorded Study Group Calls

CHT/CHRN Study Session 1: Introduction

                                             Physics - Gases & Pressure

CHT/CHRN Study Session 2: Physics - Gases Laws

CHT/CHRN Study Session 3: Partial Pressure

                                             Pathophysiology of Pressure Injuries

CHT/CHRN Study Session 4: Decompression Theory

CHT/CHRN Study Session 5: Decompression Tables

CHT/CHRN Study Session 6: Therapeutic Mechanisms of HBO

CHT/CHRN Study Session 7: HBO Treatment Indications & Profiles

CHT/CHRN Study Session 8: Patient Care Equipment & Equipment Safety

CHT/CHRN Study Session 9: Fire Safety & Protecting the Patient

CHT/CHRN Study Session 10: Trancutaneous Oximetry




US Navy Dive Tables-Rev 6


US Navy Dive Manual-Rev. 6


2002 NFPA 99 Ch. 20 PDF


2005 NFPA 99 Complete PDF


Safety Standards for Oxygen and Oxygen Systems


Prevention of Middle Ear Barotrauma


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